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Dentist Dubai UAE

Must know Invisalign Tips from Invisalign Dubai UAE :

1. Can I get Invisalign from an Ordinary dental clinic in Dubai UAE?

No. You need to get it only from a certified Invisalign center in Dubai UAE. Various Orthodontic centers claim to be awarded as Diamond, platinum providers, etc., But all you need to worry about is whether they are the best authorized & certified provider and if they would provide the treatment at a cheap cost with flexible monthly payment plans and guaranteed results.

2. Will anyone find out if I am wearing Invisalign?

No. No one will be able to tell if you are wearing an Invisalign as it is Invisible braces. However there will be lisping when you speak while wearing an Invisalign.

3. Is Invisalign suited for all people?

No. It is not recommended if you have a major overbite or an under-bite. If your problem is too complex, metal braces are the most suited for you as the duration of Invisalign treatment will increase in such cases. Please take a smile assessment test only with a certified Invisalign provider in Dubai UAE before deciding if it is the right choice for you.

4. Can I drink coffee, wine, etc., while wearing Invisalign?

Tea, coffee, wine, etc., will stain your Invisalign braces. You have to remove them before eating and then brush your teeth before fitting back your Invisalign braces.

5. Can I clean Invisalign with a tooth paste?

No. It is absolutely prohibited as tooth pastes contain abrasive and may cause odor. You need to use an Invisalign cleaning system or soap or a mild detergent

Side effects of Invisalign :

A tiny fraction of people have reported side effects during Invisalign treatment due to allergic reaction. Patients with teeth grinding problem are not suitable candidates for Invisalign as the retainers may get broken and swallowed. Mouth-guards are the solution for such cases. Allergic reaction may lead to Congestion, fatigue and sore throat. Discomfort will be felt initially when wearing a new set of aligners during the course of treatment. In case of any such symptoms please contact the dental clinic at the earliest. Aligners have to be removed before each meal. Brushing & flossing are compulsory after having food. Hence some patients may experience weight-loss because of eating less during the course of treatment.

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