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High level coach retreat for CEO’s of the future. creating new business ideas for your enterprises. A unique modern and luxurious managers vacation!

Trough different university's and published researches, High level coaching determines that the way to do business is changed. The business university of London claims undermentioned most fundamental changes.

- Web 2.0, the big influence internet has made.
- A new way of thinking and cooperation, initiated by generation Y and millenniums.
- The up come and different approach of emerging economy’s like China, India, etc..
- Focus on sustainability, which stands for taking care of the needs of society.

Most businesses and CEO's are doing what they do for years. There’s nothing wrong with that and most of the businesses will sustain over time. Although at High level coaching we see that this is like a plant which you give each time less and less water. It spends more and more energy and receive less and less resources back for it.

The plant keeps on doing it's thing, because its familiar with this way of acting and feels comfortable with it. But without any development, these plants will over time lose their color and slowly deplete.

The plants that stand out these days, are the plants that are willing to go on new adventures. They learn new skills and get inspired by modern plants in a new environments.

If you do what you do, you will never get to do what you could do.

High level coach retreat in one of the most innovative cities!

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creating new business ideas for your enterprises, A unique modern and luxurious managers vacation,

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